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Bone Grafting

3D-rendered cross-section of a dental implant placed in to jaw boneIf you need to have a root canal, crown, or other item placed in or on a tooth, it will need a support structure. However, some diseases and tooth problems, such as advanced stages of gum disease, can actually eat away at the jawbone under your teeth. If the jawbone is gone, it will make it impossible to plant new teeth on the damaged bone. Thankfully, our team at Rolling Plains Dentistry is very good at bone grafting.

Bone grafting is where we take a bone and place it where your jawbone used to be. Over time that bone will stimulate the growth of the new jawbone, and then we will be able to move forward with fixing your teeth. There are several methods that you can choose from when it comes to grafting a bone onto your jaw.

Autogenous Bone Grafts

The autogenous bone graft is the easiest and one of the most common types of graft options out there for you. With an autograft, bone for the graft is taken from somewhere on your own body. Typically, it comes from another part of the jaw, or your leg, hip, or skull. This does not have any ill effects on you, and once the bone is placed correctly, the live bone helps to encourage jawbone growth.

It does require a second surgery to harvest the bone, so it does take a bit more time to get going, but it is a fast procedure as a result. You also will not have to worry about your body rejecting the graft, as it is still your own bone.

Allogenic Bone Grafts

Allogenic bone grafts are not taken from you but instead are taken from a cadaver. The bone is taken and then flash-frozen to remove any water before it is placed in your jaw.

Unlike bone from your own body, this bone is not alive, and will not cause the new jawbone to grow on its own. However, it can serve as a structure for your new jawbone to grow around and is still beneficial for your overall health.

Xenogenic Bone Grafts

Much like allogenic bone grafts, xenogenic bone grafts take bone from animals. Typically, they take bones from cows, but other animals also work too. Once the bone has been removed, it is processed and then placed in your mouth to be a framework for all your new bone.

The main benefit of allogenic and xenogenic bone grafts is that the bone is not being harvested from your own body, so the procedure can be done the same day and there is no additional visit.

We Can Help You

Bone grafting is the best way to get your jawbone growing again so we can move on with your procedure. Our team are experts at all three types of bone grafting, and no matter what you decide we can get your jawbone regrown. If you need bone grafting, then call at 940-663-5353 so we can set an appointment and help you!
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